When must individuals with certified YOUTH PROTECTION training participate in NSP activities?

  • When protected parties are participating in an NSP course or other event that does not include overnight outings, at least one (1) NSP instructor who participates in the course or other event must have completed the youth protection training.
  • When protected parties are participating in an NSP course or other event that includes overnight outings or lodging, at least two (2) NSP instructors matching protected party demographics participating in the event must have completed the youth protection training. In other words, if the outing includes a male participant, there should be at least one male instructor. If the outing includes a female participant there should be at least one female instructor. Each protected party’s parent or guardian may approve of an adult chaperone for the protected party during the NSP course or other event. Any adult participating in the NSP course or other event, who has completed the youth protection training, may be designated an adult chaperone. If a protected party’s parent or guardian is participating in the NPS course or other event, then no additional chaperone is required and that parent or guardian is not required to complete the NSP-required training.

Where can I access the training?


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