Big Powderhorn Ski Patrol Ski Training
Ski Along With Us

The best way to get to know us? Ski with us! Big Powderhorn Ski Patrol invites members of the public genuinely interested in joining the patrol to come for a “Ski-along” day during any regular patrol day.

Ski-along requests are subject to the availability of patrollers and the discretion of the Patrol Director and General Manager. We are able to provide Ski-along days to legitimate prospective patrol candidates on most days when we patrol, but request at least 5 days advance notice.


How to arrange for a Ski-Along

Ski-alongs should be requested by contacting us using the form below. Ski-along days must be requested at least 5 days in advance.

Ski-along guests are required to sign a liability waiver prior to skiing with us. The NSP Event Release Form from the NSP Document Library is the form to use and should be turned in to the Ski Patrol Crew Chief for filing.

The guest must supply their full name, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number.

NSP members at other hills are encouraged to come out for a ski-along as well. Ski-alongs for recruitment are limited to once per individual.


Ski-Along Procedure

A guest may not bring or invite any other person. On the assigned ski-along day, the guest shall meet us at the Ski Patrol Aid Room at 8:30 AM.

A guest shall be expected to ski with the patrol for a full day. Use this time to interact with the patrol, ask lots of questions, and engage in active observation. It is the responsibility of the guest to be familiar with, and prepared for, such an effort. Guests skiing along with the patrol shall not wear any clothing identify as an NSP member and shall not interact with patients or provide medical assistance, regardless of experience, except as an assisting good Samaritan/bystander and only then at the invitation and direction of a Big Powderhorn primary patroller. Guests skiing along shall not engage in any toboggan handling or operation of any Big Powderhorn Ski Patrol equipment.


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